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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a major consequence of the health care ruling few are talking about why your doctor may not be in the next time you will want appointments. a prestigious university with a surprising graduation problem. a group of students who never get their diplomas. computer problems at the dmv for days and it's not the first time my driver's a getting punished with extra fees because of it. good evening can bastide has denied off. five people make a decision that impact is 300 million people. any move few saw coming chief justice john roberts cited with four levels supreme court justices and to save the day for the president. tonight some conservatives call roberts a turncoats. at the heart of president obama's top care lobby individual mandate requires americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty that
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was found constitutional. but the court ruled that states must be allowed to opt out of expanded medicaid for low-income americans. the person the president said after hearing the ruling had the messenger. the white house counsel and then he stepped into the oval office to call the solicitor general who argued the case to the administration and congratulate him. the president reportedly had three speeches ready to go today he got to give one declaring victory today's decision was a victory for people all over this country. whose lives will be more secure because of the slot and the supreme court's decision to uphold it. even though a legal battle is over the campaign fight is just beginning today we got a preview of what we're going to hear from irani. obama's care. obama's care. obama's care obama's care of
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obama's care obama's care obama's care. and it's hard to count them. the entire speech lasted four minutes. the in other words romney repeated was repealed. there is a major impact of health-care ruling that almost nobody is talking about. zia's five reporter found out the health-care decision is about to cause one big change in california. did we its dana there are a lot of americans and 50 million of them borrow by the year 2020 there could be 91,000 fewer so happens when the newly insured a looking for medical care? it is set to look at the homestead massachusetts to see the impact on doctors. that is a problem with a problem before hand? we know be a problem later on. in 2006
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massachusetts enacted its own universal health care plan a 400,000 newly insured additional pressure on short supply of physicians recently here in california a similar problem looms 7 million uninsured 5 million are expected to get insurance and government plans. the affordable care acts as a very good first step. but we are on the brink of a physician shortage. leaders are talking about credit solutions. medical homes oppositions and midlevel practitioners to work at a more cohesive way to help deliver the best care for patients. that is nurses and nurse practitioners and physician's assistants would take on greater share primary care. but the dice many of the uninsured are so in some form of medical pet medical care. if you
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don't have insurance to die at higher rates. this will allow a far better preventive care for all our citizens. in a better system. for the short term and well. californians aren't sure what the effect the ruling will have on the cost and quality of health care. nearly a half of california's survey expects the cost of care is increase in more than the third expected quality of care to decrease. cbs five. now to get a better idea of how your coverage might be affected check out the health care account later on cbs sf dot com. tonight is the dreams of 30 young men came true. their pitch in the first round of the nba draft. but the reality is most college players don't go pro uc- berkeley most uneven graduates.
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for black players to graduation rate is zero. zero. kristin harris tells us the coaches are making any excuses. for every player in the makes it to the college level is the jury must making it to this level. but very few get to go to the nba draft. a reality the n.c.a.a. does untied. therefore hundred thousand nba basketball players and or so you'd think if you listen to arad's. african-american males were student athletes are less likely to graduate. but african- american male graduation rates pale in comparison to their white counterparts. in basketball a the numbers are
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even more grand uc-berkeley or the federal graduation rate for african-american basketball players released this year was 0%. zero's a bad number. in each of have kids that come to school with the idea of graduating. the idea of going to school to graduating according to the past about coach mike cumbria's not practices often as you'd like. you're going to china when the highest level your winter occurred kids that are probably at least in their minds looking to play in the nba. the federal statistics tracks players the start freshman year and graduates from the same university within six years. which means a sure reef and chester and his sociology degree more than a decade after he left cal for the nba would not have been counted. suddenly can be
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accomplished. but this is more an exception than the rule says university of north carolina's. it calls out the n.c.a.a. for budding student athletes in circumstances where they are doomed to fail. they're having to give 40 to 50 to 60 hours a week to those jobs to generate sufficient revenue to fill a football stadiums and fell basketball arenas. the n.c.a.a. doesn't even use the federal members. instead they create their own. the boston gpa are not counted as the league's graduate appears higher than it actually is. as for berkeley educators and athletic directors believe they've taken steps to make sure more athletes experience academic success. warm-up more focused on getting the students and how they do in their freshman year had to do in their sophomore year but the graduation rate really is
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fundamentally important. and the university says the keep the door open to any player who wants to come back. all of that door is open. this is obviously bad for the basketball team. that roster is relatively small compared to the football team are their numbers for the football team? there are numbers and they are greater than zero glaze of federal's assets 29% for african-american football players and for all players overall 31%. still need to be addressed. if you like to watch more of, coach montgomery's interview we have that post for u.s. cbs asset dot com. the golden state warriors according to kurt court documents mark jackson affair with a former stripper six years ago jackson says he eventually broke ophthalmometer the allegedly
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threatened to release naked pictures of jackson as he paid them. jackson says he gave $5,000 that the suspects demanded much more that bentsen had arrested and this week and according to the criminal complaint mr.% this e-mail to jackson's wife saying " i'm in the reputation management business and these pictures were shocking i am not deliberately trying to hurt you however this is business nothing personal. ends they cannot condone the coaches actions that led to the extortion attempt but they fully support him. news tonight suspended sentences to share frass mercury me testifies before the city's ethics commission. the commission is in charge of the investigation however the of the decision about his face rest of the board of supervisors. commissioners questioned a share for about the arguments they had with his wife. i grabbed my what brad my
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wife's arm and three states that is an act of violence yes something bads i regret terribly. it wasn't an accident they grab your wife's arm? you it wasn't my intention but i did it and it took full responsibility. commissioners adjourned tonight before they finished questioning mercury me his testimony will continue tomorrow morning. in a big robber with a familiar nickname one bay area police say he has in common with a certain cartoon character. the extra fees drivers are facing is results. did we get center sam zell is fighting for its life the owners of this property once and not of this property once and not all this down and build some big
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avicenna's a wary three alarm blaze towards a victorian home tonight. a fire broke out around 830 on 10th street near san jose state university. firefighters say smoke was coming out of every window no injuries were
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reported as the house was abandoned. the fire is now under control no word yet on how it started. in an unprecedented move the house voted to hold attorney-general in contempt of congress. republican leaders pledged to vote through because they did not hanover the documents from the justice apartments investigation in what was called operation fast and furious to guns from them bumbled mexican dance scene were found at the murder of a border patrol agent. when we ask legitimate questions about brian terry's murder about fast and furious we relied too. just when you think they couldn't possibly go any further over the edge they come up with something like this. it turned over more than 7600 documents during the course the investigation but he did not release the documents citing executive privilege many
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democrats walked out of the chamber in protest at today's vote. a serial robber named south park kenny has been nabbed by san jose police. they say it or hammer and route 3 small businesses earlier this month this is video of one of those encounters police say marianne would walk-in fire one shot into the air and then demand cash. fortunately no one has been hurt and all this. police simmer and resembles a cartoon character kenny from south park his face and had covered by a heavy. the dmv is websites has been spotty since monday causing big headaches for drivers tried to register their vehicles. and for those who can't get through late fees are waiting kurtis ming found out this is the 16th time this year the dmv has had to apologize for computer problems. force to drive this gas guzzling trapp at&t computer problem is keeping him from riding his motorcycle. there
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no registration site can't drive a motorcycle. the dmv is web site has been down in mid since leeson's monday. keep in california is up and down the state farm and maneuvering their vehicles registration on time now they face late fees unless they show up in person. you have to show up in person to get the fines imposed. we have been chucked track and twitter feet for months they've apologized for technical difficulties with their website 16 different days since february. and remember this? the dmv forced to turn people away in october helicopter computers at their field offices crashed. did waves with requested information tied to dmv computer problems dating back to 2007 their legal team got back to us and told us that only give us that information if we paid them more than $1,500. the dmv declined a request today for an on-camera interview but the
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statement read in part to the dmv is working with the california technology agency to fully resolve the issue and we're committed to implementing measures to mitigate future delays and services hasp ice but that doesn't help people like john and now i vehicle and registered. cbs five. right now the dmv web site appears to be working but there have been the sporadic problems since monday. there are just three ice skating rinks latin sematech county ends one of them the old i shall lay where of kristi yamaguchi practice is on thin ice. the owners want to replace the rank with big box stores but as cbs five reporter could those shows us skating fans are not giving up without a fight. it has been more than just bison plexiglass. this is who i am. if i did
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is i probably wouldn't have live. the as senator sam taylor is to deny real-estate gold mine built a big box stores and recanted $25 million in annual sales cemetery is facing a $4 million deficits and could use the tax revenue. hopefully they will see that the amount people use this always the tax dollars has offered to pay the city more than a million dollars of the next decade to convert at a nearby grassy field. the owners of the mall declined 80 on- camera interview did say what happens will not be renewed next year. the center says the stairs tens of thousands of skaters every year everything from hockey figure skating and help the mentally disabled children its big claim to fame is kristi yamaguchi changer for the
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olympics. you'd be very hard-pressed to find something as serve the community. timmy pile has been taking her daughter here. i can see the money aspect but money isn't the most important thing always. the things samisen these more shopping centers? the equates know i think the shopping center they have right now is perfectly fine. the commission will hear arguments from both sides this fall. it does cbs five. dirichlet's 60 degrees and san francisco today to 86 degrees in gilroy now and take a look at this about as well then the affected visit:
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discover britvisit:lumbia.
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livermore and then to the north we will still in quickly tonight in the overnight hours and fax this marine layer is roughly 12 to 1,500 ft. deep so there will be some compensation in the form and then noticed really clear up briefly during the afternoon hours before that cloud dapples back in again for late tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. cell overnight tonight the clouds in areas of patchy fog friday will have the sunshine away from the coast and then we have some mild days ahead because this area of low pressure is carving a trough alone in the cooler air mass to filter in and enhance our marine layer somehow affect the fair tomorrow? still some their skies about the county fair me while statewide 90 in sacramento about declaring a monterey bay 73 and tahoe tonight in the '50s tomorrow 56 these at the beaches six seasons and is
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across the peninsula bullies in the south bay and to the east also not much to the temperatures across the north as well the extended forecast calls for mild days ahead warmer by the holiday for and with sports. what the warriors doing with the nba draft? there's a new share for the analyst nice look at madison baumgartner go. that's what he did with is on the,,,,,, ,,
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you don't exactly have that green thumb.
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but your siding? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. where's general manager bob myers was the most popular executive in the nba minutes before his team made the seventh pick in the draft. my phone almost blew up with people calling in wanting are taken wanted his players. that player to not to be harrison barns the six-foot aids ford ad forward averaged six points per game in north carolina i spoke with the pay shortly after he was 6. and the warriors ross went to new york to work out a few days ago just went at the camera if they told you then they're
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going to pick you at 7 you can tell me. i wish. the played very close to the best. i was interested to come out. as ripleys tonight the warriors had 46 total they took buses as deli at the end of the first round the second round gold: state's elected michigan state's green in seven fighter in coups night at of bosnia. got in take four consecutive shutouts no problem for the giants the franchise first bessie baker back in town this first-place win bottom seventh giants up three nothing and greater bond fell the great white shark hits it penetrable valley and we know he can rent a check at baumgartner. the fall of shot all the way around from shots to score the rbi triple and baumgartner was there now. tosses a one hitter and the
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set his hand with the season giants have not led to one for the innings. they beat them five to nothing and took over sole possession of first in the national league west. a state on josh hamilton division lead in rangers home-run derby early for this we nays norris give me pennington. caugh of burlingame native scott feldman. he jumped out of 41 lead for the rangers david murphy went to the right side to run score and taxes hangs on to win the series opener 7 to 6. they might still be celebrating in north beach nice mario bullets kelly scored twice in the first half the italy today to 21 win over germany in the euro cup [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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